• Professional Website Development

    Internet solutions designed to meet the needs of your business
    Built for today with an eye on the future
  • Internet Marketing

    Unique and Valuable Campaign Strategies for Your Brand
    Target Your Market & Aim at Your Goals
  • Project Management and Consulting

    Achieve Your Goals with Planning and Precision
    Minimize Resources, Maximize Results
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NetSense Media : Denver Colorado

Professional Website Development

Internet Marketing & Project Consulting

Internet solutions designed to meet the needs of your business

NetSense Media Services

  • Website Development

    Desktop, Tablet & Mobile
    Custom Design & Theming
    Programming & API Integration

    We build fully-featured, modern websites that are easy to use and provide flexiblity to adapt as your needs change over time. We can integrate any functionality imaginable and it's guaranteed to work. Our websites are always tested for quality and compatible with all modern browsers on desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

  • Project Management

    Consultations & Assessments
    Project Organization & Execution
    Strategic Planning & Resource Management

    Our expertise can point projects in the right directions and streamline production from start to finish. We consider all aspects of the big picture and develop strategic plans to effectively meet project goals. Our technical knowledge and organizational methods are assets that serve our clients well on every project.

  • Internet Marketing

    Targeted Campaign Strategies
    SEO, SEM, SMM, CRM, Email
    Content, Video & Rich Media Development

    Launching a website is only the first step, our Internet Marketing services take it to the next level. We know that getting clicks and website traffic is only one part of the process, converting those clicks and traffic into real leads, contacts and sales is always the ultimate goal and we know how to get there.

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See The Big Picture

All of our individual services are single pieces of a much larger picture. We've found that the most successful websites integrate and coordinate these pieces in a thoughtful and strategic way. For example, Website Design is very important but without content to fill the pages the options are limited - you need both to have a great site. From there, SEO and Internet Marketing will drive traffic to your site, but if your visitors don't find a great website with great content they won't be staying very long, or buying anything. To get the most out of your website, you need it all and we can build it for you.

NetSense Media Website Development

Our Website Development and Internet Marketing services revolve around creating engaging website content, rich media and Video Marketing that will make the right impression on your visitors and give your website credibility. From there, we use SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM, and all the other cool & buzzy marketing acronyms, to dive traffic to your site from everywhere. When people arrive at your site, and are impressed, Inbound Marketing and CRM tools are in place to collect their information. Now you can send targeted messages to your audience and encourage them to finally make the clicks that will put dollars in your pocket. Each piece leads to the next and we can build the whole package.

Our experience enables us to expedite technical details and focus more attention on your vision. We create comprehensive solutions that are designed specifically to meet the goals of your website and brand.

Praise from Happy Clients

  • If you are looking for someone who can put together a professional, innovative and responsive website, NetSense Media is who you want to hire. As the owner of StoryCatchers Media, I needed a website that could display dozens of videos, showcase our creativity, and be functional. NetSense Media used fresh ideas and new technology to design a professional, savvy website for my company while also increasing my SEO ranking. Throughout the entire process NetSense Media was transparent, friendly as well as knowledgable about the latest trends in website design and SEO. My new website has been instrumental in growing my business and I can’t thank NetSense Media enough for the amazing work they have done. I highly recommend NetSense Media.
    Sara Morris Owner of StoryCatchers Media
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Examples of our Work

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Technical Jargon

NetSense Media is always up-to-date on all the latest and greatest coding standards, frameworks, libraries, and tools that power the internet. Website technology is constantly changing and we aim to be one step ahead with continued reasearch and study. We use the tools of today and keep a close eye on the future, including:

  • PHP
  • Apache
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • LESS, SASS, Compass
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • CodeKit, Sublime, Transmit
  • Bootstrap, Grid Frameworks
  • GitHub, SVN, Version Control
  • Responsive / Mobile Design & Development
  • CMS Platforms, API's, 3rd party integration
  • Infusionsoft, CRM, Inbound Marketing Systems
  • eCommerce, Membership Systems, Payment Systems
  • MOZ, SERP's, Google, SEO Analytics Systems

We also provide Domain Name and Website Hosting solutions.
Including: Transfers, Setup & Configuration, SSL & Dedicated IP's, Dedicated Servers & Cloud Based Servers.

** It's okay if you don't know what any of this stuff means, the important thing is that we do **

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Open Source and CMS Platforms

We specialize in the two most popular open source website platforms, WordPress and Joomla! Not only do we use these platforms to build websites, we passionately contribute and volunteer our time to help the open source community grow. We officially contribute to education, documentation and support efforts. Several of our presentation topics and workshops have been featured at conferences around the world. We love to give back by sharing our knowledge and helping others understand the amazing things we do with these platforms.

We use these systems every day to quickly build stable and reliable websites for our clients. They offer the power, flexibilty and expansion options to cover the bases in nearly every situation. Our clients enjoy the user-friendly options for updating, support resources and documentation that these platforms provide.

Joomla! & WordPress Services

  • Joomla! Template Design & Development
  • Joomla! Programming
  • Joomla! Extension Development
  • Joomla! Interface & API Development
  • Joomla! Training and Education
  • Joomla! Technical Support
  • WordPress Theme Design & Development
  • WordPress Programming
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • WordPress Interface & API Development
  • WordPress Training & Education
  • WordPress Technical Support

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